Friday, June 21, 2019

Cultural sensitivity and multi-generational awareness Coursework

Cultural sensitivity and multi- propagational aw atomic number 18ness - Coursework ExampleMulti-generational awareness on the other hand has been explained by Thinkcos (2009) to destine the situation whereby at the workplace, masses of different generations, most commonly, of four different generations live and work together. In the scenario, there are three different cultures, which are African-American, Caucasian and Japanese and two broad generations, which are the old and young. Type of preceptor that would work best with each new nurse In respecting the shoot for cultural diversity and multigenerational differences, it is very important that the preceptors assigned to these three new nurses are people who belong to their culture and generation understand their culture and generation or are ready to accept their culture and generation group. Assigning the new nurses to preceptors, who are of different cultural background and generation or people who are hostile to the individu al cultures and generations would create chaos and anarchy at the workplace. What is likely to motivate the nurses to do the best possible job Clearly, these new nurses impart be well motivated when they are treated to warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

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