Sunday, June 16, 2019

Case study 3 Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

3 - Case Study ExampleHowever, the private firm failed to deliver what the produce expected in a number of ways. For example, the handling of clients applications was inefficient both in answering the clients calls and maintaining of clients documents. The contracted firms hired incompetent workers who failed to perform according to states expectations. ACS focused on making money hence their service was poor and uncoordinated. American civil Liberties summation (ACLU) challenged the performance of FSSA for misplacing the documents of the patients hence leading to denial of essential services to the applicants. Critics blamed the inefficiency of the private firms as caused by waiver of caseworkers that was present in the state (Alb?k, Eliason & Herman 17). in front privatization, each household had a caseworker who confirmed the qualification of individuals before making an application and also ensured that the applications were submitted in the right procedure. Question 1 Privat ization was use as a cost saving strategy. For example, Governor Mitch Daniels stated that by privatizing the public assistance and food programs would enable the state to save up to one million dollars in a decade (Ricky 619). The state signed a 1.3 billion dollar contract with the private firm. However, one and a half years subsequent the both IBM and Affiliated Computer Services (subcontracted) by to deal with calls of the clients failed to achieve the mission. To improve performance of welfare and food programs delivery. The intention of the state was to delegate functions of welfare and food delivery to private firms because this would reduce the processes of handling applications and attending to the needs of the people (Chu et al.19) This would ensure smooth operations because private firms have appropriate facilities and narrow down staff to handle the needs of the people effectively. Question 2 The new system was intended to improve communication between the clients an d the service providers. ACS was hired to address telephone calls from the clients (Bursi & David 164). This was meant to increase speed of gathering, processing, and storing clients data with greater efficiency. Therefore, the new system was meant to

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